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Sheldon Manor near Chippenham
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Welcome to the Genealogy section of my web site. This is solely concerned with the SHELDON family (and connections), and concentrates on my own family tree. In time I would like to also put up the vast amount of information about the Sheldons that I have collected over the years. I trust that you will find this useful and continue the research.

I am also putting all of this information onto the main web site for Sheldon family history which is to be found at - www.sheldongenealogy.com

Introductory page It might be best if you first visit this Introductory page which gives some background information about how the information is presented. This page also explains the numbering system I use.
Names Index The main section are the pages of Family Trees and associated indexes of names. Go to the Names Index and there are the four main indexes to all of the Sheldons and their spouses and families.
Resources pages This section contains a growing amount of resource material - it will be well worth your while to visit this section
The Sheldon surname Discussions on the origins of the Sheldon surname
Database Not yet working - but later will connect to various databases to include all Sheldon's on whom I have information
Links Links to other web sites of relevance to Sheldon's and genealogy

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