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Personal Academic CV

Dr Michael Graham SHELDON

Produced on Sept.12th 2016
My CV consists of the following sections

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Personal details Current Appointments Career Summary
Previous Appointments Professional Responsibilities Publications
Research Funding Prizes and Fellowships Academic Experience
Date of Birth  1941
Place of birth England
Nationality British
Gender Male
Home Address Private information
  If you need this information please e-mail me
1964 MB, BS London University  (Middlesex Hospital)
1973 MRCGP Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
1982 FRCGP Elected Fellow of the RCGP
1982 MBCS Member of the British Computer Society
1989 MICGP Member of the Irish College of General Practitioners
1994 BA Open University (Maths, Health Studies and Adult Education)
2000 Dip.Theol Kings College, London University
2003 FACC Hon. Fellow of Association of Christian Counsellors
GMC 0715429                Full registration since 1964 - now relinguished my licence to practice (2016)
MDUS M 154804 Now retired
NI number Private information

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Current Appointments
Since retiring from full time practice my portfolio career consists of the following appointments

Tower Hamlets PCT performers list, undertaking GP locum surgeries since 2001, stopped in 2008

GMC – Medical Member of the Fitness to Practice Panels from 2002-2013

NCAA (National Clinical Assessment Authority) – Medical Assessor 2002 to 2006

FHSAA (Family Health Service Appeals Authority), Medical panel member from 2002-10

Appeals Tribunals for Sickness benefits, medical panel member 2001 to 2006

GP Appraiser for Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington from 2003-2013

Whole Person Clinic at Barkantine Medical Centre, Isle of Dogs – Medical Director of the charity – the Whole Person Health Trust 2000-6. The Trust continues to operate, but the clinic has stopped since 2007. See

Although I have just passed my 75th birthday I intend to carry on working in a voluntary and flexible manner as long as my health permits, although I can no longer practice as a doctor.

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Career Summary

In my early years (after a brief period as a ship’s surgeon) I decided to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. However severe hay fever made operating difficult so I made the fortunate decision to go into General Practice instead. This was before the days of vocational training and after a short time in a rural practice I realised my lack of knowledge and experience in general practice. I therefore took a post as a general medical registrar in Banbury before starting my own practice from a Portakabin in the grounds of Banbury Hospital.

This practice grew successfully and because of my interest in medical audit and the use of computers in General Practice I was offered the post of senior lecturer in General Practice at Nottingham University Medical School. Apart from being responsible for the undergraduate education in General Practice, I developed a research interest in decision making and computer-aided support in clinical practice.

In 1983 a serious accident took two years out of my career and made me examine my priorities in life. I decided to change to the provision of primary care in the developing world and so the family joined the medical team of Youth With A Mission. This took me to many different parts of the world, although most of my medical and counselling work was in Africa. I have assisted with: vaccination programmes on the islands in Lake Victoria; trained “bare foot doctors” in Ghana, the Philippines and Nigeria; developed AIDS community counseling in Uganda; and started both  counselling and community health-care projects in such places as the Philippines, Poland, Kenya, India, Uganda and Thailand. The project in Uganda is one I have continued to keep a close link with and I visit annually to develop Ugandan health-care workers in Jinja.

I decided to return to General Practice and an academic life in 1993 when I was offered a LIZ (London Implementation Zone) funded post at St. Barts and the Royal London School of Medicine by Professor Leslie Southgate. I was involved in running the LIZ programme as head of Department between the time Professor Southgate left and before Professor Carter came to Barts. I had a special interest in the homeless in east London.  Having worked on the development of the undergraduate teaching programme, when early retirement was offered I was pleased to move side-ways into one of the teaching practices where I became a principal again.

Throughout my career I have been interested in developing a more “wholistic” approach to medicine, and now run a Whole-Person Health Care Clinic within a GP surgery. This seeks to take patients with multiple problems and empower them to understand their illness and take more control of their lives through help with their beliefs and attitudes towards health. I have also, until recently, directed the Hanbury Community Project which attempts to rehabilitate recovering alcoholics and addicts in the city center.

I am married to Jenny, with 4 married children and 9 grand-children. I am in good health, have a clean driving license and no criminal convictions.

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Previous appointments

1965 House Physician to Professor A. Kekwick, Middlesex Hospital, London (General Medicine)
1965 House Surgeon to Sir T. Holmes-Sellors, Middlesex Hospital, London  (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery)
1966 Ship's Surgeon - P & O Lines  S.S. Canberra
1966 Surgical Registrar, Harefield Hospital, Middlesex  (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery)
1967 Locum Medical Registrar to Sir J. Richardson, Watford General Hospital
1967 Surgical Research Registrar to Mr. MV Braimbridge, St. Thomas's Hospital, London
1968 MRC Research Fellow, the Physiological Flow Studies Unit at Imperial College, London
1969 Principal in General Practice, Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire
1971 Medical Assistant in General Medicine and Geriatrics, Banbury District General Hospital
1973 Principal in General Practice, Banbury, Oxfordshire
1979-85 Senior Lecturer in Primary Health Care and General Practice, Department of Community Health, Nottingham University Medical School
Hon. Specialist in Community Medicine, Trent RHA
Principal in General Practice, Nottingham
1985 Open University Tutor
1985-93 Medical Officer - Youth With A Mission (YWAM), UK director of training
Visiting lecturer to the Primary Health Care Schools in Uganda, Kenya, and India. Consultant to community health care and AIDS programmes
1993-99 Senior Lecturer (with honorary consultant contract with the Royal Hospitals Trust)
Department of General Practice and Primary Care, St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
Appointed in 1993 as the senior lecturer to the LIZ funded Inner City Lecturer Team.
In 1996 appointed HEFCE funded full-time senior lecturer with responsibility for UG teaching.
Appointed Hon. Senior Lecturer on retirement in 1999.
1999-2001 Principal in General Practice at the Mission Practice, Bethnal Green, This is one of the Barts and the London School of Medicine’s teaching practices
2001 - present Portfolio career as described above

Professional responsibilities
Some of the professional posts I have held in the past are detailed below.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
            1973-79           Member, treasurer and research co-ordinator of Faculty Board, Thames Valley
            1978                RCGP representative on the Steering Committee for computerisation of FPCs.
            1983-91           Elected member of the Council of the RCGP
            1983-85           Member of Research Division Executive
            1983-85           Member of the Publications Committee
            1985-90           College representative to the Churches Council for Health and Healing.
            1987-89           Member of Fellowship Committee
            1986-91           Member, Audit and Fellowship by Assessment convener of Midlands Faculty
            1993-96           Member of Faculty Board - NE London

Nottingham University
            1979-85           Elected member, Medical Faculty Board and Faculty Development Committee
            1979-86           University Representative on various Regional sub-committees.

Association of University Teachers of General Practice (now AUDGP)
            1981-86           Member of Heads of Departments group (representing Nottingham University)
            1992 -96          Member of AUDGP, and representing Department on Heads of Department group

British Computer Society
            1981-91           Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS)
            1983-91           Founding member of the Primary Health Care SG (PHCSG) of the BCS
            1984                Secretary to the PHCSG of the BCS

International Society of Quality Assurance in Health Care (ISQA)
            1984              Founding Board Member and Honorary Member by invitation

World Health Organisation (WHO)
            1983-6             Temporary Advisor to the Advisory Committee in Quality Assurance
            1983                Member of the Working Group on Principles of Quality Assurance in Barcelona
            1986                Member of the Working Group on Training in Quality Assurance in Udine

World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practice/Family Physicians  (WONCA)
            1983 -               Individual member
            1983-6             Chairman of the Standing Committee on Research
            1983-6             Member of the Standing Committee on Classification

Counselling Associations
            1987- 90          Member of the BAC (British Association for Counselling)
            1988- 90          Member of the Counselling in Medical Settings Division
            1990-               Founding member of Council of ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors)
            1991- 97          Chairman of Accreditation Committee of ACC
            2003                Honorary Fellow of the ACC

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Detailed below are all of my publications arranged thematically, which broadly corresponds to a chronological arrangement.

Cardio-thoracic Surgery Medical Records Computers in General Practice
Medical Audit Clinical Medicine and General Practice Undergraduate teaching
Counselling and Psychotherapy Whole Person Medicine  

Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Written whilst I was a research registrar in cardiac surgery at St Thomas’s Hospital, London

Peer reviewed Journals


"Effects of glucose and insulin on the failing myocardium in an isolated heart preparation"
British Heart Journal 31, 393


"The effect of Prenylamine on the failing canine isolated heart preparation"
Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 15, 438‑446

Medical Records

Written in my early days in General Practice and when the Senior Lecturer in General Practice at Nottingham University

Books – chapters contributed


"Satisfying the information needs of the general practitioner for improved patient care" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1978)  In "Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics", Vol 1, p117‑120  Ed. Anderson,J., Springer‑Verlag. Berlin 1978  (ISBN 3-540-08916-0)


"Implementation of problem‑orientated medical records in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. and TULLOCH,A.J. (1979)   In  "The Problem Orientated Medical Record"   p107‑142  Ed. Petrie, J.C. and McIntyre,N. Churchill Livingstone, London. 1979


"Privacy, data decay and the long‑term medical record" 
RECTOR,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  In "Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics" Vol. 16, p686‑691  Ed. O'Moore,R.R. et al., Springer‑Verlag, Berlin. 1982

Peer reviewed Journals


An A4 size registration sheet for general practice"
SHELDON,M.G. (1974)  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners 24, 582‑583

  "The problems of problem‑orientated records" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1976)   Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  26, 437‑446
  "Why all this fuss about records?" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1976)  Update  13, 805‑807
  "Patient‑filled questionnaires" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1976)  Update  13, 651‑660
  "The accuracy of age‑sex registers in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G., RECTOR,A.L. and BARNES,P.A. (1984)  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  34, 269‑271

Computers in General Practice

Written throughout my period in General Practice, from my single-handed practice in 1982 up to my time in the Department of General Practice at Barts and the London in 2000

Books - edited


“Trends in General Practice Computing”
Ed. SHELDON,M.G. and STODDART,N. (1985)   Royal College of General Practitioners, London, 1985  (ISBN 850 841070)

Books – chapters contributed


"Using a micro‑computer for drug monitoring in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  In "Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics" Vol 16, p380‑386  Ed. O'Moore,R.R., et al., Springer‑Verlag. Berlin 1982


"Nurses in the community : Preventive medicine and the computer" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1983)  In  "The impact of computers on nursing"  Ed: Scholes,M. et al.  North Holland, Amsterdam 1983, p 230‑235  (ISBN 0-444-86682-5)


"Patients, computers and medical records" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1985) in "Trends in General Practice Computing" Ed. Sheldon and Stoddart, Royal College of General Practitioners, London, 1985, p 162‑167


"Will computers change general practice?" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1985) in "Trends in General Practice Computing" Ed. Sheldon and Stoddart,  Royal College of General Practitioners, London, 1985 p 227-231

Peer-Reviewed Journals


“A computer in every surgery”
SHELDON, M.G. and MALCOLM ,A   (1980)  British Medical Journal 281, (6235) 309-310


"Patient compliance in collecting background information" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1979)   Allgemeinmedizin International (1979),  4, 165‑168


"Computerising FPC registers" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Editorial: Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  32, 67


"Giving patients a copy of their computer medical record" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  32,  80‑86


"The use of patient questionnaires in practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Medicine in Practice  1, 320‑323


"Micro‑computers in the practice: background and strategy" 
RECTOR,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Update  24, 1213‑1219


"How much will your practice computer cost?" 
RECTOR,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Computer Update  1, 58‑60


"Micro‑computers in medical audit and continuing education" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1983)  Update  26, 463‑469


"The doctor, the patient and the computer" 
SHELDON, M.G. (1984)  The Practitioner,  228, 1121‑1124


"Computers in general practice: a personal view" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1984)  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners,  34, 647‑648


“General practice computer systems and the year 2000”
SMITH, M.F. and SHELDON, M.G. (1997) Health Informatics Journal 3, 180-182

Conferences and Reports

"An on‑line information system for British General Practice" 
RECTOR,A.L., SHELDON,M.G. and METCALFE,D.H.H. (1980), Proceedings of the symposium on Automated Records in Primary Care, Oxford Community Health Project 1980


"Creating computer compatible registers in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. and RECTOR,A.L. (1980)   Proceedings of the symposium on Automated Records in Primary Care, Oxford Community Health Project 1980


"Conversion to an automated information system in general practice" 
RECTOR,A.L., TEMPLE,J., MURPHY,A., HALLAM,L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1980)   Proceedings of the symposium on Automated Records in Primary Care,   Oxford Community Health Project 1980


Medical Audit

Written mainly during my early days in General Practice

Peer-reviewed Journals


"Self‑Audit of prescribing habits and clinical care in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1979)   Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  29,  703‑ 711


"Medical Audit in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1982)  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  - Occasional Paper No.20 


"Audit in General Practice"
SHELDON,M.G. (1989)  Update 38,  1048-1054

Conferences and Reports


"Experience with self‑audit of prescribing" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1977)  Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Drug Monitoring in General Practice. Oxford Community Health Project 1977


The Principles of Quality Assurance
WHO – 1983 Euro Reports and Studies 94 (Contributor to the report)


Clinical Medicine and General Practice

A wide variety of articles concerning: Decision making; Clinical signs; Screening and Anticipatory Care; Disease Management; Homelessness and General Practice care and organisation. These have been written throughout my academic career

Books – edited


Decision Making in General Practice 
Ed. SHELDON,M.G., BROOKE,J.B. and RECTOR,A.L. (1985)  The Macmillan Press, London 1985 (ISBN 0 333 36626 3)


Books – chapters contributed


"Clinical decision = Patient with problem + Doctor with problem" 
BROOKE,J.B. and SHELDON,M.G. (1985)  in "Decision Making in General Practice"
Ed. Sheldon et al, Macmillan,  London, 1985  p 95‑105


Peer-reviewed Journals


"The clinical significance of systolic murmurs in the elderly" 
GRIFFITHS,R.A. and SHELDON,M.G. (1975)   Age and Aging  4, 99‑104


"A trial of Fortagesic and Paramol 118 in osteoarthritis" 
ANDREWS,C.J., COHEN,L., CRAIL,R.B., DOUCH,G., SHELDON,M.G. and WRAY,K.A.A. (1976)  Journal of International Medical Research   4, 432‑434


"Recording of blood pressure readings" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1979)  British Medical Journal 1979  i, 824


"Auditing the management of otitis media in general practice" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1983)  Practitioner  227, 1017‑1025


"Controlled trial of faecal occult blood testing in the detection of colo‑rectal cancer" 
HARDCASTLE,J.D., FARRANDS,P.A., BALFOUR,T.W., CHAMBERLAIN,J., AMAR,S.S. and SHELDON,M.G. (1983)    Lancet  1983 (ii),  1‑4


"A general practice evaluation of Pivmecillinam given twice daily as a treatment for acute urinary tract infection" 
SKINNER,J.L., VENABLES,T.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1984)   Pharmatherapeutica,  4, 25‑31


"Low levels of ill‑health among elderly non‑consulters in general practice" 
EBRAHIM,S., HEDLEY,R. and SHELDON,M.G. (1984)  British Medical Journal,  289, 1273‑1275


"Use of deputising services and night visit rates in general practice" 
SHELDON, M.G. and HARRIS,S.J. (1984)   British Medical Journal  289, 474‑476


"A review of studies of decision making in general practice" 
BROOKE,J.B., RECTOR,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1984)  Medical Informatics  9,45‑53


"Review of the health of children in one‑parent families" 
JENNINGS,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1985)   J of the Royal College of General Practitioners,  35, 478‑483


"The Health of Pre‑School Children and the response to illness of Single‑Parent Families"
JENNINGS,A.L. and SHELDON,M.G. (1986)  Health Visitor  59, 337‑339


“Opportunities for anticipatory care with the elderly”
HEDLEY,R., EBRAHIM,S. and SHELDON,M.G.  (1986)  J of Family Practice  22, (2)  141-145


“Monitoring Housing Status in primary care”
SHELDON,M.G. and JONES,C.E.  (1997) Family Practice 14, 189


“A nurse practitioner as the first point of contact for urgent medical problems in a general practice setting” 
MYERS, P.C., LENCI, B. and SHELDON, M.G. (1997) Family Practice 14, 492-497

Conferences and Reports


"Homelessness in East London" 
SHELDON, M.G. and SMELLIE, J (1994),  AUDGP annual conference 1994


"Effect on the consultation process of the patient's knowledge of English"
SHELDON, M.G. and FULLER, J (1995),  AUDGP annual conference 1995

  "What effect does it have attaching a General Practitioner and a Practice Nurse to an inner city small practice?  A case study evaluation"  
GREGG, R,  BLACKIE, C and SHELDON, M.G. (1996),  AUDGP annual conference, Newcastle, Abstract page 74

“Monitoring Housing Status in Primary Care” 
SHELDON, M.G. and  JONES, C. (1997),  J of Family Practice 14 (2)  189

Undergraduate teaching

Produced during my tenure as Senior Lecturer in General Practice at Barts and the London School of Medicine.

Peer-reviewed journals

  "Patients in east London seem happy to give GPs consent for training"
BMJ (Clinical Research ed.) 2 May 1998 vol 316 no 7141, p 1391. ISSN 0959-8138

“Why? What? And How? IT provision for medical students in general practice”  
Medical Education,  33, 537-541


“The University Linked Practices Computer Network Project in East London and Essex: a Qualitative Evaluation”
GRAY, R.W., CARTER, Y.H., EDWARDS, M., FALSHAW, M., GANTLEY, M, HAGDRUP, N.A. and SHELDON, M.G.  (1999)  Medical Education, 33,

  "Linking general practices to the medical schools: qualitative issues"
Medical Education Sept 2000, vol 34, no. 9, p. 776-8 ISSN 0308-0110

“Characteristics of General Practices involved in Undergraduate Medical Teaching”
GRAY, R.W., CARTER, Y.H., HULL, S.A., SHELDON, M.G., and BALL, C.  (2001), 
British Journal of General Practice, 51, 371-374


Whole-Person Medicine – theory and practice (Special Study Module)
SHELDON, M.G. in The Special Study Module ed. HEYLINGS, D., London: MADEN at QMW College 1998, p 59-60

Conferences and Reports


London Implementation Zone Educational Incentives.  Annual Report 1995-6
SHELDON, M.G. and CARTER, Y.H.   Department of General Practice and Primary Care, St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London 1966  ISBN 1-898661-14-6


Inner City Lecturers Team: Mid-term Report, summer 1996 
SHELDON, M.G., BORRIE, G, BLACKIE, C., GREGG, R and JONES, M.  Department of General Practice and Primary Care, St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary and Westfield College.  1996.  ISBN 1-898661-13-8


Medical Education in General Practice: characteristics and comments
CARTER, Y.H. and SHELDON M.G. (2000), 9th International Ottowa Conference on Medical Education, Cape Town, March 2000


Evaluating an evaluation: the case of an integrated medical firm at Barts and the Royal London Hospital at QMW.
GANTLEY, M., RICKETS, M., SHELDON, M.G. and CARTER, Y. 1997, AUDGP Scientific Meeting.


An Obstetrics and Gynaecology Community Attachment
SHELDON, M.G., CARTER, Y.H., GANTLEY, M. and CHARD, T. 1998, WONCA Conference Report p 131


Characteristics of teaching practices – Ivory Towers or Fawlty Towers? 
SHELDON, M.G., CARTER, Y.H., GRAY, R.W. and WOODWARD, N. 1998 WONCA Conference Report


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Books on Counselling written during my period out of academic General Practice in the 1990s

Books - authored


“To bind up the broken-hearted”  
SHELDON, M.G. and AMES, D.  Mission to Marriage, Mildenhall, 1999  ISBN 1-898859-02-7

Books – edited


"Counselling in General Practice"
SHELDON, M.G. (1992)  Editor, Royal College of General Practitioners,  1992  (ISBN 0 85084 164 X)

Books – chapters contributed


"Counselling and Psychotherapy"
SHELDON, M.G. (1994)  in "Psychiatry and General Practice Today"  Royal College of Psychiatrists and Royal College of General Practitioners, London.  (ISBN 0-902241-50-8)


Whole Person Medicine

My life long interest in developing a person-centered ‘whole-person’ approach to medicine.

Books - authored


"Health, Healing and Medicine" 
SHELDON,M.G. (1987)   The Handsell Press,   Edinburgh  1987  (ISBN 0 905312 66X)

Peer-reviewed Journals


"The Christian Approach to Whole-Person Medicine"
SHELDON, M.G.  (1989) editorial,  Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 39, 166


"Spirituality, healing and medicine"
SHELDON,M.G. (1992)   British Journal of General Practice 42, 38

Conferences and Reports


A Whole-Person Health Care Model for patients with multiple health and social problems
SHELDON, M.G. 1998  WONCA  Conference Proceedings p 131

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Research funding

Grants successfully applied for are as follows -



Project Title

Funding body







Lead applicant


Decision making in General Practice





Small practices research project

LIZ through ELCHA




Academic bid for LIZ educational incentives

LIZ through RHA




Academic bid for LIZ educational incentives

LIZ through RHA




Blood flow in rabbit mesentery preparations





Controlled trial of faecal occult blood in the detection of colo-rectal cancer






Notes summarising project

LIZ through FHSA




Practice staff training project

LIZ through ELCHA




Practice staff training project

LIZ through ELCHA




NVQ centre project





Academic bid for LIZ educational incentives

LIZ through RHA




Mapping Teaching practices








Prizes and Fellowships

1975    Upjohn Fellowship (awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners)
1975    Upjohn Prize  (for the best Upjohn Fellowship report)
1976    Stanning Overseas Traveling Fellowship  (RCGP)
1981    Butterworth Medal (Royal College of General Practitioners, essay on Medical Audit)
1982    British Council Traveling Fellowship, to Medical Schools in Hungary

Academic Experience

During my two periods in Medical Schools, where I was responsible for the under-graduate curriculum in General Practice, and during my time as a GP and Medical Director in Developing Countries, I have gained the following experience.

Under-graduate teaching
Within the Department of General Practice and Primary Care both at Nottingham and also at Barts and the London, I was responsible for the development and delivery of a significant portion of the curriculum to students in all five academic years. Over a period of 25 years I have personally taught on all types of activity, from formal lectures, through small groups to Problem-based learning. I have taught in the classroom, with actors and in the surgery. My last academic appointment was as Senior Lecturer responsible for UG teaching at QMW. 

Curriculum Development
My past responsibility within the Department was to develop the School’s curriculum for increasing exposure of students to health care in the community. This involved cooperating with the curriculum management bodies to develop, evaluate and consolidate new teaching initiatives expanding the community base of the curriculum. I have been responsible for the development of the course content, teaching materials and documentation for the third year and fifth year modules in conjunction with a management team under the direction of Professor Carter.  I have led the team recruiting new teaching practices, and overseen the institution of these new teaching initiatives.  I was leading a team on the accreditation of teaching practices, and participating in the creation of “learning environments” in General Practice through the installation of teaching and IT equipment in our practices.

Post-graduate Training
Over the three years 1993-6, in conjunction with Dr J Murphy, I developed a module on Health Informatics for the MSc course at St. George’s Medical School. Over my 35 years in General Practice I have lectured on numerous occasions to PG courses, although I have not been responsible for organizing one by myself.

Cross-cultural courses
I have personally devised and led six-month counselling courses in Uganda, in which local Ugandans have been trained to completely take over the course after a four year period.  This has given me insight and experience of setting up training courses in cross-cultural situations.  I have devised, led and lectured on short (100 hour) courses on counselling in Poland, France, Uganda and England.  I have taught on courses in Primary Health Care in India, Philippines, East and West Africa, and helped to develop Community Worker training programmes in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

Project management
I am the honorary director of the Hanbury Community Project, in Spitalfields, London E1. This is a day centre programme for education and counselling to severely disadvantaged adults in East London, enabling them to find jobs and settled social situations.  We have a team which includes doctors, counsellors and adult educators and has a student body of around 30 full-time “students”, most of whom are ex drug or alcohol addicts. I have recently formed a new charity – The Whole Person Health Trust to build whole-person care within a primary care a setting.

Programme Development and Innovation
My natural inclination is towards innovation and pioneering. Throughout my career I have started new projects, and quickly learned that an innovator must encourage and support others to come alongside to maintain the projects created. At the last count I have started over 20 major companies, practices, organizations, courses or projects – most of which are still progressing successfully.

For just under two years I took responsibility for the Department of General Practice and Primary Care as acting Head of Department following the departure of Professor Southgate until the arrival of Professor Carter.  I have undertaken a variety of administrative duties within the Department under the direction of Professor Carter.  I have participated in informal workshops seeking to develop the community base within the curriculum.  I have led in the development of SIFT in General practice, representing the Department prior to the arrival of Professor Carter.  I was responsible for the administration of SIFT to General Practitioners.  I led the team for undergraduate education within the Department, and assisted Professor Carter on the Departmental executive.

Computer projects
When a research registrar at St Thomas’s Hospital in 1967 I first started working with computers, and learned to program in Fortran during my research year at Imperial College.  On entering General Practice I worked with the Oxford Community Health Project and worked on developing their coding system (OXMIS). I began to use the Oxford computer to computerise my own practice and began writing articles about the benefits and drawbacks of computers within General Practice.  In the early 1970s I began the first company to install computers in practices (Primary Care Computers), which soon went out of business due to unreliable hardware and inadequate software. In 1978 I was the RCGP representative on the Steering Committee for computerisation of FPCs.  I developed an interest in medical audit and later was a WHO advisor in Quality Assurance.

In 1981 I joined the British Computer Society (BCS) and with Dr Malcolm started the Primary Care specialist group of the BCS, of which I was the first secretary. I was awarded MBCS at that time, but have not kept up my subscriptions. I worked within the Royal College of GPs and in 1985 Norman Stoddard and I edited a book on General Practice computing for the RCGP. I continued in the field of research from my post as senior lecturer and head of GP teaching at Nottingham Medical School, specialising in decision making and information systems until I joined Youth With A Mission in 1985. After a period abroad I came back to academic life at St Bartholomew’s Medical School working on the Good European Electronic Record (GEER) with Professor Lesley Southgate. I also worked with Professor Mike Smith on the problems with the Y2K problems in the late 1990s.

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